How can we change ?

For too long now, companies have mixed up resistance and resilience.
Resistance is the ability to stand up facing a shock.
Resilience is the capacity to come back to a new stable state.
Crisis are the new normal, and companies are spending millions in trying to resist to all of them, and it will continue to increase. 

To survive one need to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself

develop your understanding

Develop Your Understanding

IPCC reports and climate data made accessible to onboard everyone at the same level of awareness and consciousness

capture uncertainties

Capture the Uncertainties

Using System or Scenario Thinking to capture uncertainties and identify how they can affect your activities

Build Up Your Mitigation Plan

Thanks to collective intelligence and workshops to avoid the problems rather than solving them

Agroforestry, a way to redesign the future of agriculture

Get Ready to Adapt

Instability is becoming the new norm. How business and organization models will have to  adapt to increase their resilience?

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