1. Redesigning the future

Agroforestry, a way to redesign the future of agriculture

After more than 20 years of professional experience in Business Management, Consulting, Financial Industry, quitting a well-paid job and a comfortable situation might sound like a middle-life crisis.

Indeed, it comes from a crisis, but not the usual ones, not the cyclical ones which come to clean up a bit the mess created by new (de)regulations…It comes from a profound crisis triggered by a sandstone in the gear of the hamster wheel, which makes it harder to spin. This is when difficulties arise that one start to think about the purpose: why are we doing it? Is it the best way to do it? Aren’t they any better way to achieve that goal?

An infinite growth on a limited planet

To find answers to those questions, I started my journey at the University of Luxembourg to unlearn what I have been taught and contributed to, for more than 20 years: the economical axioma of the infinite growth. Even if, we all consciously know that it cannot work on a limited planet, we pushed Humanity beyond the boundaries of what the system we are living in can provide.

As we cannot solve problems with the same mindset we had when we created them, it is time to (re)learn how we can ensure decent living for everyone, while respecting the biological limits of our system.

Because, the future can no longer be the continuous improvement of the past, we need to invent it. This is where innovation starts. But what kind of innovation? What is the purpose of innovation?

Innovation is about building new things (products, services, ways of working, ways of thinking) to solve a problem that have not been solved until now.

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